Friday, October 25, 2013

Ponies and pigs

Lately I've been really in to doing Tessa's hair. The only problem is it makes her look so old! When it's just down and curly she looks like such a little baby but when it's in pigtails or a ponytail she looks like a little toddler! Speaking of grown-up behavior, Tessa wanted to wear mommy's shoes around the house and so she slipped her feet into my flats and scooted as best she could. So cute! She's also really into feeding herself with a spoon or a fork these days. She's actually really good at it, too! She likes to do chores with mommy and yesterday daddy helped her put away all of the utensils. She knows where her hand is and loves to wave "hello" and "goodbye." She says "ball" and "hi" and we're currently working on "more" and "drink". She loves to sit down and look at books by herself and sings along when mommy sings "Papa bought me a candy pig." She's finally gotten used to wearing her big girl shoes, which happen to be pink with sparkles (in case you wanted to know). If I'd let her she'd wear my blush every day (sometimes I let her. shhh don't tell dad).    

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