Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The best recipe for happiness? Getting TANGLED up in a love story!

I have a REALLY cute story to share with you and hopefully it doesn’t embarrass my brother-in-law too much. Actually I asked his permission to blog about it a long time ago, and yes, that is yet another example of my “imaginary” blog moments.

And now, the story of my brother-in-law, his girlfriend, and their first “I love you.”

Kyle (brother-in-law) put a lot of thought into this and made it so special. His girlfriend absolutely loves the movie TANGLED. Those of us who know the movie remember the love scene in the boat, with the floating lanterns. If you don’t remember it or haven’t seen it, here is a clip to set the mood for the rest of my story:

 Beautiful lights… a budding romance… a lovey-dovey love song… dreamy right? Well, Kyle made his own little version of that scene from the movie.

I can’t quite remember what came first but here’s how it went down…

He took her to the park at night, laid out a blanket, and pulled out almost a dozen massive floating lanterns that he had purchased on e-bay. They lit the lanterns and watched them float up into the sky. Then he took out his guitar and sang her the song from the video I just showed you (Now I'm a word girl and if my husband sang that song to me I'm pretty sure I'd melt). What makes it even cuter is the fact that he messed up just a little during the song (I reassured him that mess-ups definitely add points). Finally, he said “I love you” for the very first time. I can hear the collective AH’s from the ladies and all I have to say is I KNOW, RIGHT!!

To top the night off they went home and snuggled while watching the movie.

Feel free to watch the video over and over and OVER again. I may or may not have watched it a dozen times myself *blush*. 
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