Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The best recipe for happiness? New beginnings.

So I decided to finally start a blog because, well, I love them! In reality, I’ll probably be the only one reading this web site containing everything Brady and Kate... except maybe for the rare blog fanatic who, like myself, thinks there is nothing better than sitting down in front of a computer screen and reading about the happenings of friends and family. Annnd in some instances the happenings of complete strangers *cough* not my proudest moments. 

Actually the real reason for this blog may or may not have to do with the fact that I’ve gotten tired of always saying, “I’m definitely putting this on my blog” when in reality I didn’t actually have one...or maybe it was my husband who got tired of it ;) I literally created this blog as Brady and I were running out the door, boy did he like that. I figure it would be most appropriate to have my first blog entry be an update on the most recent, and in some cases not so recent but definitely most important, events in our lives:

We got engaged last year and I still love looking at this beautiful ring. Well done Brady, well done.
Also, we're getting ready to celebrate our numero uno anniversary!
I wanted to go blonde and instead looked like a banana. *Shudder* Yes, it really was THAT yellow.
We had our very first christmas together in our very own home!
We celebrated my twenty-first birthday. My mom made me a strawberry shortcake AND a strawberry pie. Bless that woman. 
Last month we sent my best friend off on a mission to Florida. 
No major event here, just an example of my many, MANY "Take a picture of me with this super delicious taco soup so I can post it on my [imaginary] blog" moments.  
And finally, I just got my acceptance letter to the U! I'm really excited to finally be going to the same university as Brady, maybe we'll occasionally bump into each other on campus. That would be nice.
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