Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My baby is getting bigger.

Tessa turns one month old in a couple of days and she wants to announce it to everyone
You tell 'em baby girl :)

I can't believe it's already been a whole month since little Tessa came into this world. You really don't realize how fast time goes until something comes into your life that you really don't want to end, like having a newborn. She's changing every day! I can hear the collective groans coming from the grandparents as we speak. All I can say is (sigh) I know, right?

On our trip Brady said to me once or twice, "Kate, she's getting bigger and I don't like it. I just want her to stay like this." Ever since then I've noticed it too. A couple weeks ago her 0-3 month old pants totally drowned her and today they fit just right. Just the other day I had to get a bigger onesie because I couldn't get the newborn one to fit over her head. Today, while nursing, I noticed her hands and arms are filling out.

On one side, it makes me feel excited and blessed to watch my baby girl growing and developing. There are so many fun stages coming up in the next few months and I can't wait to see them (first laughter, sitting up, etc. ). On the flip side, it makes me feel desperate, like I only have so much time with my precious little baby.  She's just growing before my eyes and no matter how close or tight I hold her, I can't seem to get her to stop. Today was a bitter sweet day for mama because her baby will never be one month old again. I guess that's why mommies have more babies. So, they can experience that split second newborn stage again and again. Don't worry Brady, I'm not planning on having another one any time soon :)

On Saturday my family had some family photos taken. Brady and I snagged our soon to be sister-in-law to take a few shots of us. They turned out really great and I think we're going to have to blow one or two of them up and stick them on our wall.

I sure love my little family :)

Happy one month Tessa Kaye!
Let's cross our fingers that month two takes its sweet, sweet time.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Just us girls.

Hey Everyone!

Miss us?

We landed in Seattle at about 11:00 last night and didn't get home until about 1:00 in the morning. It was 34 degrees and the kind of wet/cold that chills you to the bone (oh Seattle!) but we were happy to be back. We left our heater off during our trip and the three of us had to fall asleep bundled up together in sweaters and blankets and hats. It was actually pretty great shivering under the covers with two of my favorite people.

Today is just a relaxed day for Tessa and I. No grandmas or aunts and uncles or cousins around to fill the house with noise (the good kind). Now that she doesn't have someone holding her 24/7 she still expects mom to do it. We tried out her swing. Hates it. We tried out the new baby sling Aunt Jodie gave us. Hates it. We tried out the floor. Hates it. No, her favorite thing is in mom's arms while her back is being patted. That means both of mommy's hands are occupied and can't multitask, just the way she likes it :) Luckily we have a couple of weeks before Christmas to get her used to slings and swings before we head back to Utah.

I'm really happy Tessa wants to be cuddled so much and I'm going to be really sad if that changes.

Much to tell about our awesome trip but for now I'll leave you with this sweet pick
 She actually kind of looks like a little bug in this picture because her eyes are so big... but she's sure a cute little bug.
My cute little bug :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We're getting on a plane with this little bundle of laughs for the first time.

Wish us luck!

On a side note: While attempting to write this post and nurse at the same time, I shot my baby right in the eye with milk and then to get back at me she just had a MAJOR blowout in mommy's lap. Clever girl :)
Off to the bath for the both of us!

Monday, November 19, 2012

No rants, just ramblings.

Over the weekend we made caramel apples with Brady's mom, Liesl. I wish I could say that Brady and I intentionally tried to make our apples look abstract but in reality we're just really bad at "apple art."
Especially, when compared to Liesl's flawless, perfect one. That woman knows her caramel apples, that's for sure.

I also watched this little clip on distinguishing baby cries to help you better understand what your baby needs. For some reason Oprah really bothers me in this video. Maybe it's the fact that the audience is a little too start struck and laughs at EVERYTHING she says and does. Oh Oprah. If you start feeling the same way, just stick with it. Trust me, it's actually pretty interesting stuff. 
Yesterday, I tried to see if I could recognize any of Tessa's cries. Not really. While she was fussing I said to her (in the "baby talk" voice we all use while talking to babies), "I'm sorry Tessa, I don't speak baby." Brady just stared at me, with a smile on his face and then said, "Yooou don't?" Hardy har. That's not what I meant. 

On Wednesday we're flying in to Utah to spend a day with these wonderful folks
 And then it's off to Riverton to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with these wild animals. I'm beyond excited.
So much has changed since this family picture was taken. We've lost some people but have gained others. I think I was fifteen or sixteen when this was taken and now I'm married with a baby. Wow. Luckily we're taking family photos this weekend.

Finally, I really liked the comment my sister made about this post
"The Mother's Prayer is that those little reminders will come over and over again. It's close to 7 years since my first and I still haven't been to the bathroom by myself except in the middle of the night. The day will come when I long for those little child bathroom conversations. I decided to dance with my babies today. Here's a sweet little song that you can dance with Tessa to. Dance with her often."

So, today we danced... 

to this song, that I sing to Tessa every night (which I can't seem to get through without tearing up). Someday this will be my Tessa Kaye.

She's a great dance partner :) Who seems to get milk goatees instead of milk mustaches...
Mommies and daddies, dance with your babies. Even if your baby is turning twenty next month (Ron and Liesl) or even if your babies are all grown and moved away, you still have a baby just down the street (mom). Dance with them. 

Dance with them often.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little reminders.

Yesterday Tessa turned two weeks old. It's amazing how fast time is already flying and how in her two short weeks of life she already has us wrapped around her little finger. Yesterday was also special because Tessa and mommy were on their own for the whole day. I'd like to share that experience with you :) The seasoned moms are going to laugh because they've been there and they know what I'm talking about. As for you moms to be, LISTEN UP! Heavenly Father taught me a lesson yesterday and I hope I never forget it

First half of our day:
Tessa woke up every hour or so during the night and was ready to "officially" start the day at 6AM.
Mom couldn't keep her eyes open. Tessa couldn't keep her eyes closed.
Mom got dressed. Mom dressed Tessa.
First feeding, Tessa spit up all over her clothes and mom's clothes, too.
Mom got redressed. Mom redressed Tessa.
Mom changed Tessa's diaper. Tessa waited until mom finished to poop.
Mom re-changed Tessa's diaper.
Second feeding, Tessa spit up all over her clean clothes and the carpet.
Mom re-redressed Tessa. Mom scrubbed the floor.

Little reminder number one:
Later that afternoon, while sitting on the couch, Tessa lifts up her wobbly head and searches for mom's face. Tessa puts her open mouth right on mom's lips for a big "I love you" kiss.
Late night, early morning-forgotten.
Soiled clothes-forgotten.
Double diaper change-forgotten. 
Mom and Tessa rub noses and snuggle while mom thinks to her self, "this mommy gig isn't so bad." 

Second half of the day:
Living room is a wreck. Mom attempts to clean it. Tessa doesn't want to be put down.
Living room is left uncleaned.
It's mom's day to do the dishes and empty the dishwasher. Tessa doesn't want to be put down.
Dishes are left undone.
Mom still hasn't had a shower. Tessa doesn't want to be put down.
No shower for mom.
Brady comes home. Mommy cries. Tessa cries.
Tessa just wants mom. Mom just wants a bath...alone!

Little reminder number two:
Mom gets her bath and reads The Mother in Me, trying to remind herself that she's not the only one who can't seem to get the "super mom" unitard and cape to fit.
Mom reads about mothers who struggled with nursing and she feels a little better.
She slowly moves through the chapters. She reads about mothers who lost their baby during pregnancy. Those mothers who never get to hold their little ones or see their precious faces. The tears slowly begin to fall.
Mommy misses her Tessa.
She gets dressed and runs to her sleeping baby. Mommy kisses her face and smells her skin and holds her as close as she can. "Thank you Heavenly Father for babies who don't want to be put down..." she whispers. 

Being a mother is a sacrifice. There's no way around it. But...

I'm grateful for those times during the day when Heavenly Father seems to send little reminders that tap me on the heart and help me remember why I'm a mom.

In the eternal perspective this really is a little sacrifice and, gosh you guys, I couldn't be doing anything that would make me happier.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I'm beyond excited that I get to spend the whole weekend with these two. Just the three of us :) I wish I was able to sleep that soundly during the night.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby ZZZ's

Tessa and I got to spend our very first afternoon alone together yesterday. Daddy was at work and grandma and grandpa went out on the town. It was exactly what we needed, to have it just be the two of us for awhile. She napped in the sun while mommy snapped some shots of her precious baby girl. 
Oh Tessa Kaye, I sure love you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


You know you're a first time mom when you wear your nursing pads inside out for the first three days. Nice.

Our first night with Tessa, I had the overwhelming realization that, "Oh my gosh, I have NO idea what to do now!" I'm sure Brady felt the same way, or at least that's the look he had on his face most of the night. No amount of parenting books could have prepared us for what it's like to be a parent, or maybe they would have, if we had read any parenting books. No such luck.

Let me tell you, that night was a rough one. Many times we were tempted to call one of our moms to come back to the hospital and save us, which I'm sure they would have gladly done. Luckily, we survived and since then have gradually gotten the hang of this whole parenting thing... until she throws us a curve ball like having a tummy ache or needing a bath or needing to be fed, etc. Basically, it's been a week and we're probably still in the dark.

All I can say is moms are the best! Older, more seasoned moms, that is. I'm not sure what we would have done if my mom hadn't have been here and, bonus!, Brady's mom is coming to help out for a few days after my mom leaves.

On Saturday we surprised Tessa with her first bath and she surprised us with a bunch of little floaties in the tub, poop and pee everywhere! Take a look at this cute face...seconds before the big blow out, sneaky thing.
Currently, I'm feeding my baby, blogging and drinking my tea at the same time...so, maybe we really are getting the hang of this whole parenting thing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

At our house

Some days are like this
 But most days are like...this :)
Gosh, I sure love being her mommy :)

This and that

 Carving pumpkins for family home evening the night my water broke.
He looks a little scary with that knife, doesn't he? I guess it was a good thing he decided not to be a neurosurgeon after all. 
Tessa telling mom how much she likes her baby blanket from grandma Liesl :)
She sure loves her grandpa. Take a gander at my dad's awesome beard, by the way. I just can't get over how handsome it makes him look. Sean Connery look out!
Hoping one look at this sweet face will make you all want to come visit :) 
Love Brady, Kate and baby Tessa!

Little pumpkin seed

I'm so happy I got to actually use this onesie :) A good friend gave it to us but I was sure it would be too late to wear it by the time she finally arrived. Little did I know, Tessa Kaye had other plans....
 I just had to put our "little pumpkin" next to our real pumpkin for a picture, couldn't help myself. I really can't think of anything cuter. Can you?
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