Friday, November 15, 2013

A video

October just whizzed by and November seems to be doing the same. Rather than try and do a separate post for each amazing thing that happened this past month, I decided to make a video instead. Tessa has transformed, over night it seems, into a toddler. We've celebrated her first birthday and now are heading into our second year of holidays with her. Crazy. What you'll find in this video: A little farm girl in overalls, a cherry red scooter and a day at the carnival with our favorite girl Melissa. There is a messy little one-year-old and a spotted leopard. You'll see Tessa and her best friend Emma laughing it up, a trip to Baimbridge Island with some good pals, partial nudity (sorry about that), and a couple random shots of guitar playing and noise making with daddy. Basically, every time I watch it I think to myself, "Man, I have the best life." Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the's one of my favorites. 

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