Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Day

This morning was full of firsts for our family. Brady was kind enough to wake up with Tessa at six this morning and let me sleep in. That's not a first, by the way. He woke me up at about 7:45 to say Tessa was about to play in the snow for the first time. Last winter she was just a baby in a bundle of blankets and so she's never really seen snow. It's also the first snow "storm" we've had since living in Washington. It was a whopping inch-and-a-half which meant no school. 

A snow day. 

The back yard was full of giddy children. We used to laugh at the thought of a whole city shutting down because of two inches of snow. I guess that's because of the I-had-to-trudge-through-nine-feet-of-snow-for-a-solid-month-to-get-to-school-and-it-was-the-middle-of-april mentality we adopted in Utah. Now that we're living here, we know that the roads can be pretty scary. Black ice is inevitable and the hills are steep steep STEEP.  I know I really don't need to tell you that Tessa loved everything about this morning but... she loved everything about this morning! 
^The majority of these pictures look like they were taken at night. That's Seattle for you.^
^Maybe we'll have a white Christmas after all.^
^Shaking hands with Frosty.^
^In desperate need of a tissue.^
^Post snow and pre bath. Frozen fingers and toes.^

It was the perfect amount of snow, for me at least. I think all of the kids, especially Tessa, thought today was the best day yet. It definitely didn't look like the picture my friend just sent me from Utah:
or the winter wonderland we experienced back here but to a child snow is snow. And snow is magical. Here is a video I made this morning of Tessa. Hope you enjoy. If you're family could you upload the video to facebook so others could see it? Happy Friday!

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